Web Development Los Angeles

Web Development Los Angeles

Did you know that your website is the first impression of your business on the web? It is your digital business card. It is designed to represent the company, strengthen the brand, reflect your and your customers’ style. Almost all modern websites require CMS (Content Management System). There are numerous CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. Additionally, DevelTon does diverse web development in Los Angeles and can create your own custom CMS. However, WordPress is the most popular choice nowadays.

Why WordPress?

  1. Website styles and functionalities have entered a critical new phase of expectations.
  2. WordPress is now powering 39.5% of all websites (as of 2021). On the other hand, if counting only the sites that use CMS, WordPress has a market share of 64.1%.
  3. It is an open-source CMS that is updated regularly.
  4. It is very user-friendly after setup. (Easy to add blogs, products, news, recipes, etc.)
  5. Design and functionality can be changed after setup.
  6. You can easily switch development teams.

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress makes it easy to change the theme of your website after the development. There are millions of ready themes available and we can make a custom theme.

WordPress Ready Theme Development

It might be tempting for some business owners to start WordPress Development themselves and use a ready theme. We had many clients asking for help with unfinished WordPress projects. Even a ready theme setup requires professional attention. For this reason, our WordPress development team pays special attention to every detail when developing your website. Ready Theme WordPress Development is more cost-effective than Custom Theme Development.

WordPress Custom Theme Development

To show your and your business’s inner world better, you might need a Custom WordPress Theme. We start the development by talking with you and our design team. Then, we make mockups of the ideas we discussed. later, we meet again to show the results. After gaining important input of your likes and dislikes we make the first draft. Finally, we make the first version available as soon as possible and are always open to making new changes to the Custom Theme.

WordPress Plugin Development

To extend the functionality besides blogging WordPress uses plugins. There are millions of ready plugins available for different functionality. In addition, we can develop a Custom WordPress plugin for your specific business needs.

WordPress Third Party Plugin Setup

The list of ready plugins that we use is based on the project type. To ensure website functionality we test the new versions of the third-party plugins on a test server before updating on real websites. Additionally, there could be bugs with third-party plugins working with a specific theme. So our developers work relentlessly to fix those bugs.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

If you have a specific business problem that cannot be solved by ready third-party plugins, we develop custom plugins. Our team can develop a custom plugin based on your requirements and then maintain it for future updates.

Why should we become partners?

We can handle all aspects of the WordPress website development and management:

  • Design, code, and build your website.
  • Populate the website with content provided by you or created by our copy-writing professionals.
  • Administer your website.
  • Migrate your existing website to WordPress.
  • Our highly professional team can handle the development of websites of any complexity: landing pages, corporate sites, news blogs, social platforms, online stores, etc.
  • We create cross-browser-compatible websites, which work flawlessly both on user devices and on servers.
  • Create a UI/UX responsive website that adapts to any screen size.
  • Provide exceptional end-to-end website support.
  • Upgrade the functionality of the website based on our business needs.

We offer individual focus to the complexities in each web project. As a result, we deliver highly optimized WordPress and other websites within the timeline. 

Let’s build your new website together.