Web Design vs. Web Development

Web Design and Web Designers

Web design includes different skills and disciplines. Web design is done during production and maintenance of a website. Some of the fields that a web designer need to have expert knowledge are as follows: graphic design, web graphic design, user interface design, user experience design. When making images for websites, images need to be compressed if possible for search engine optimization. Alt tag attributes give screen readers info about the image. The term web design describes the design process relating to the front-end (client side appearance of a website). Web designers are expected to have expert knowledge about usability and accessibility guidelines. They prepare and implement a design for each device and browser. Little details can have a significant impact on the quality of the website. For example, a web designer when making the files needs to save them with a user-friendly filename. Instead of 4535.jpg use computer.jpg or iphone_black.jpg. Use only "_" symbol in file names for connecting words. Save the "-" symbol for the web developer who will use it for connecting words in URLs. For example, /contact-us/ or /about-us/.

When making images for websites, images need to be compressed if possible for search engine optimization. Another consideration for SEO for images is the Alt tag attribute of the image. Give screen readers info about the image in the alt attribute, please write user-friendly descriptions instead of leaving it blank, or putting just keywords in there. Keyword stuffing is very dangerous for any website and in any form. Good examples are: alt="Company Logo", alt="Beautiful Los Angeles". Bad examples are: alt="", alt="some alt text unrelated to image", alt="2323", missing the alt attribute at all.

Web Development and Web Developers

In constrast, a web developer builds the backbone of the website - the back-end. Typically user never sees the written code of the web developer but is able to use the website and rate its speed, content, reliability, etc. as a result of the functioning of that unseen code. Web development is evolving at rapid speed and modern website in 2017 uses multiple programming languages to operate. Some of those languages which web developers master are HTML, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, JQuery, and CSS. Web development team create the required functionality and connect it to the front-end, which is created by the web design team.

There are people that mastor both web design and web development fields. In order to make the develolmet process faster for larger projects, the project is devided into sections. The design team crafts a unique design and testes it, while the develolemt team fine tunes the functionality of the website. At DevelTon we use a team approach and are able to finish your project in predictable time with predictable effort on our side. Contact DevelTon if you have a project and need professional help. At DevelTon we are committed to empower our customers achieve their digital goals. Whether you have those goals set up, or need help planning , we have the right solutions for you.