Custom Managed Web Firewall Services: Safeguard Assets, Improve Network Availability

Custom Web Firewall Need

Why Do You Need a Custom Firewall?

People are becoming more aware of loopholes in general hosting solutions and benefits of having a custom managed firewall services. Digital solutions change constantly, making it easy for hackers to attack old and not perfect technologies. You can become a victim of a larger hack if you use general hosting firewall solutions. In general big companies, like GoDaddy, LiquidWeb, BlueHost are big targets for hackers. Hackers try to break through their security constantly. When their plot is successful everyone's information is breached. They take advantage of wrong or outdated implementation or through other means take control of a website.

If your website is a significant asset to you or your company, then you need custom managed firewall solutions for it. DevelTon employs top of the line cybersecurity professionals who will make a custom firewall for your website that will withstand hacker attacks and other security breaches.

Custom Manged Web Firewall

Custom Managed Web Firewall Services by DevelTon

Hackers work around the clock to get access to your website. We identify security risks for each website individually 24/7/365 and protect your websites from hacking. Our cybersecurity and information security licensed experts research and implement a custom firewall that is unique to your website. It will stop hackers and comply with government and industry standards and regulations. DevelTon employs IT professionals with best practices in cybersecurity. Our team will work relentlessly to protect your online assets. Call 1-83-DevelTon or contact us to discuss how can we assist in protecting and safeguarding your online presence.

Firewall Protection on Personal Computers

Personal Computer Security

You do care about protecting your personal or business computer against unauthorized access over Wi-Fi or other means by a Firewall application. In order to get additional protection users replace standard Windows Firewall with a third party one. Companies such as  McCafee, Norton Antivirus are great providers of such product who update their applications regularly in order to prevent possible cyber threats. As we know, this approach does not work perfectly. Hackers are always getting ahead and tricking users into falsified and deceitful content. From that point, hackers can potentially get access to any kind of information and manipulate it to their needs.

How is Your Website Protected on Shared - Instant Hostings?

Website Cyber Security While using shared - instant hosting services from companies such as GoDaddy, LiquidWeb, and others you do not get personal website protection. Your website is placed on a server with another 1000 websites. All those websites share server resources, have the same server IP address. There are numerous other problems with this kind of hosting solution, but those two are very significant and are a cause of slow website rendering and security breaches.

Why Shared - Instant Hostings are Hacked?

Imagine you are a hacker for a second. Which server would you try to hack into? Shared server with thousands of websites or a single server with a single website? Most probably you would go after thousand websites if it requires the same time and preparation. On the other hand for a hacker, it is much easier to get into the server, because instead of a single door there are thousand of them. If one of those thousand websites has a security vulnerability in their website structure it can give the hacker access to the whole server. From then on, the information is either changed or deleted by the hacker. The long, painful and a lot of times impossible journey of website recovery has begun for the owner.

Why Protect Each Server with Custom Web Firewall?

In order to protect and serve the top-quality content which was created by our designers and developers, we hired security professionals to develop a solution for hosting a website securely. Our developers, who are certified by Cisco and other leading security solutions providers, create a web firewall, which can withstand any hacker attack and security breach. Below is an outline of the main benefits of our custom managed web firewall services (CMWFS) that we provide to our clients in Los Angeles, California, to other businesses nationwide and around the world.

Benefits of Custom Managed Web Firewall Services (CMWFS) from DevelTon

Web firewall from DevelTon
  1. Every website is treated individually. All the configurations, maintenance, resources are unique to every website.
  2. Your website security and rendering do not depend on outside factors which you cannot control. It is protected by CMWFS.
  3. Your customers will have trust in your website with our top encrypted SSL certificates. HTTPS is a must nowadays.
  4. By using Content Distribution Network - CDN your website becomes available for a faster load from different locations very fast.
  5. Custom Control Panel
  6. Corporate mail support
  7. WordPress and other CMS support to recover damaged websites.

As a result website owners or people thinking of creating a new website can get a corporate level security and website hosting for small and medium business. Our prices are very affordable compared to the quality and quantity of the services provided. There are many marketing and web services companies in Los Angeles and around the world, but few care about cybersecurity. At DevelTon we believe in creating top quality content which is stored and protected on a high-quality server by our custom managed web firewall services.

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