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Our company offers exclusive services for digital design and programing. Work integrity and project turnaround time is our priority. The products that we create have a long lifespan. You save your time and finances with DevelTon. We provide extended warranty.

Graphic & Web  Design

Each software has its own style and design on all digital platforms. The logo and the design of the website create the image of the organization. Those will describe ideology and peculiarities of your business.
Our skillful designers create a unique style for each project. Attention to details is the priority in the design process.
Those are the project's overall design, logo, color scheme, fonts, and other important details, which impact your customers.

graphic and web design
Web Development

Web Development

The website is the right hand of a business through which the organization promotes its products and services, informs its customers about discounts and sells goods or services online.
We perform orders of any complexity websites, landing pages, corporate sites, news blogs, social platforms, and online stores.
DevelTon creates websites that are cross-browser compatible, work reliably both on user devices and on servers, as well are responsive and adapt to any screen size.

Mobile Apps

The world is going mobile, and it's a fact that more than half of the world's population is using mobile phones. People use phones not only for communication, but also for information, shopping, and entertainment purposes. Competitors' applications success stories force businesses to have their own program in the mobile domain. If you want to communicate with your customers or simply sell your product, the mobile application is an ideal way for the organization of your business. We perform mobile programming on any platform and promote it on any app store.

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seo analytics

SEO & Analytics

It does not make sense to have a website if it is not integrated with search engines. It can not supply you with new customers and develop your business. It is a fact that online trading volumes in the world exceed the usual trade volumes. This dictates to your business to properly present its product on the Internet and make it available to your customers. We promote websites in search engines. Your website will have its own honorable place in search engines and will be the leader in the market, leaving behind all your competitors.

Social Media

The number of people in social networks is increasing day by day, it has become the best way of communicating with each other. Why not use this opportunity and serve it to promote your business also?
Unlike the classic advertisement, Internet advertisement is becoming more relevant and affordable daily, which opens the door to the business world for small and medium-sized businesses. The Internet makes it possible being in constant touch with the customer.
Our experts will help you establish yourself on the social platforms with their active actions and offer you a great deal of customers while advertising your brand.

social media

Software Development

Very often, there is a demand to transfer an application from the web or mobile platforms to desktop users, but lack of specialists and high service costs are a major obstacle for the implementation of the programming ideas. On the other hand, computer viruses and incompletely designed software are causing serious anxiety.With the help of our specialists, your computer software will work fast and secure.