Custom Managed Web Firewall Services

At DevelTon, we understand that security is the cornerstone of a flawless business. Having this in mind, we have developed our cybersecurity system, Web Application Firewall (WAF), that helps to address the world’s greatest security challenges.

Our world-class cybersecurity platform offers modules that provide corporate-level security to small and mid-businesses.


We provide the most cost-effective and at the same time full-coverage security services including:

  • API and Web Application Security, 
  • Bot Risk Management, 
  • File Upload Protection, 
  • DoS, DDoS Security
  • and more. 

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) enforces API traffic security and file extension rules for application file uploads of malicious traffic. It controls access to business-critical and protected applications by detecting and flagging them.API and Web Application Security.


Website Cyber Security

Bot protection

Web Application Firewall also detects and identifies both Good and Bad bots.

Search engine bots, copyright bots, site monitoring bots, commercial bots, and personal assistant bots are all good bots. Based on the advanced set of verification methods it gives access to Good bots that are created legitimately and are meant to automate tasks for users’ benefit.

At the same time, DevelTon Web Application Firewall blocks Bad bots which are meant to steal data, create havoc, break into users’ account and perform other malicious activities. Bad bots are spambots, content scraping bots, credential stuffing bots, and others.

DoS and other cyber attack protection

DevelTon Web Application Firewall (WAF) also provides advanced DoS (denial-of-service) and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection by applying rate controls to defend against DoS and DDoS attacks.

Our cybersecurity professionals assess your current security challenges and offer a custom-managed web firewall that is designed to address external threats. DevelTon Web Application Firewall (WAF) creates the most secure infrastructure that allows maintaining your business continuity. It complies with legal regulations and gains the ability to maintain your business and, if necessary, recover it from disasters.

Custom Managed Web Firewall Services by DevelTon

We identify security risks for each website individually 24/7/365 and protect your website from hacking. Our cybersecurity and information security licensed experts research and implement a custom Web Application Firewall that is unique to your website.

Our team works relentlessly to protect your online assets.

Benefits of DevelTon Web Application Firewall Services

Custom Manged Web Firewall

  1. Get a custom Web Application Firewall with all the configurations, maintenance, resources that are unique to your website.
  2. Gain customer trust with our top encrypted SSL certificates.
  3. Get a better website availability for a faster load from different locations by using Content Distribution Network (CDN). 
  4. Acquire an exclusive Custom Control Panel for automatic rule creation and/or website configuration.
  5. Scan your website for vulnerability and stop cyber-attacks and system failures long before they start.
  6. Protect your API from cyber threats.
  7. Get the most optimized server for the 30% faster website load than before.
  8. Receive 24/7 protection. 
  9. Obtain 100% security risk assessment.
  10. Assess the vulnerability of your IT infrastructure.
  11. Receive a step-by-step action plan to consistently monitor for issues and changes.
  12. Get the most cost-effective cybersecurity adapted to your business only.

DevelTon Hosting Services

With DevelTon, you not only protect your business-critical applications but also get indi

vidual Hosting services.  We provide a user-friendly and extremely intuitive Control Panel that helps you manage your server and web administration tasks:

Domain management  –  Register 3rd party domains, renew and forward old ones and manage subdomains. Edit DNS, manage MX records, and more.

File management  –  Manage all the files on your server with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system.

FTP/SFTP  –  Access all your files and folders on the server with an easy FTP setup.

Database management  –  Create an unlimited number of databases and have full control over them.

Corporate email management  –  Set up and manage mail accounts, email forwarding, spam filters, and more.

Add SSL  –  Add SSL certificates to your websites.

One-click Redirects  –  One-click forwarding to the desired (either with www or without) secured (https://) domain.

CDN management   –  Provide faster content delivery and improve performance with smart CDN management.

CRON jobs/tasks creation   –  Create CRON jobs and run automated commands at specific periods, dates, and intervals.

One-click CMS auto-installer  –  Load your CMS onto your server quickly and easily with just a click.

Analytics  –  Get the most comprehensive analytics and make sure everything is running without any errors.

Back up  –  Get automatic and manual backups. Create, access, and restore backups whenever you want.


Custom Manged Web Firewall ServeicesOur professional support experts provide full package hosting services like Runtime Protection and Network Security, Vulnerability Management, Compliance Monitoring, and any Cloud Server Scanning.At DevelTon we provide not only VDS (Virtualized Dedicated Server) hosting services that take up the entire server but also VPS (Virtualized Private Server) ones. With DevelTon hosting services you have an opportunity to host multiple server instances not only for you but also for your clients.

Runtime protection, including host log inspection and file integrity monitoring, is one of the vital aspects of our hosting services. Our experts profile workload behavior and suggest the best possible integrated protection.

With a unique approach to risk scoring and prioritization, we provide continuous vulnerability management. At DevelTon, we provide robust host security services that include monitoring and enforcing pre-built as well as custom compliance checks and Cloud Server vulnerability scans.

We make sure you own the data and give full freedom to port it to any alternate hosting solution without time-consuming and complicated configuration procedures.

We value our customers and do not tie their businesses to a single hosting provider. This is how we get their trust and enjoy lifelong cooperation.