Server Security and Speed Improvements for Successful SEO Campaign

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We all live busy lives and the least customers expect when surfing the web in 2017 is waiting for a website or a resource to load forever. We already sit in traffic, wait in lines and live with other peculiarities and difficulties of regular life. In the digital world, people are more demanding in all aspects, because they have more control and most of the resources are free. Accordingly website speed and security have become top priorities for search engine rankings and for overall good customer experience. People like to talk about their experiences, especially when it has to do with spending money online or using a new service. They share both good and bad experiences. Let’s see what could be done to improve website loading speed:

When testing website loading speed on resources like Google Search Insights, GtMetrix, etc. there is a lot of valuable information that is being revealed. You should compress your images where doing so would not ruin the look and feel of your website. You should minify your CSS, HTML, JavaScript files where possible.

Not always minification and combination of files is possible. For example, projects which are not originally developed from scratch, rather are managed on WordPress or other CMS, most of the time could not be combined. Even in projects that are written from individually, there could be situations, when combining two files would create an error in the project. For example, two JavaScript files that need to be combined both contain a variable or a function with the same name. This would cause unknown behavior and crashes. The improvement recommendations that those automated tests bring up need to be examined on a case by case basis.

You can use CDN (Content Distribution Network) to have content on more servers around the world and serve to audiences from closer server.

On the other hand, there is a category that you can invest your efforts and have a quantitative result. Server response time is tested and is considered in the overall calculation of web page loading speed.

One of the metrics that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. use to determine site’s search engine optimization level is the server response time. All those above do not have a proper effect without a quick server response.

Server response time could be improved significantly if you use better web hosting and configure it correctly. Let’s discuss types of web services, their average prices, advantages, and disadvantages.

There are 3 main types of server hosting service offered in 2017.

We will discuss those starting from the least expensive which is the least recommended, and end with the most expensive which is the most recommended server service option.

1. Shared Hosting – Instant Server

Shared Hosting

It is very popular because of the price and individuals without professional expertise in website development could use those services. Resources on a server are shared by around 1000 other websites. If there is a security breach on any of those websites your website would be also out of visibility. On the other hand if one of that 1000 websites is popular of is programmed poorly can use most of the server’s resources and slow down other 1000 websites. Shared hosting is like living in a house with 1000 roommates. Do you want so many roommates wich do not even have a schedule for using the amenities and common area. So imagine all of those roommate trying to go to the bathroom at the same time, or to the kitchen for a snack. This is where can get your website if you do to invest some time and money in better web hosting service.

2. Virtual Private Server – VPS

VPS Hosting

As the name hints, VPS gives private server features. The word Virtual in the name means that it is not real, but a digital solution. The server is shared usually with only 4 other websites which are unconnected because each one has allocated resources. VPS prices in the same company differ by the hardware configuration. You can choose your processor speed, RAM, Hard drive according to your needs and budget. The more powerful server you choose the more daily visitors you can have. It is not widely used because administrator needs to know how to install and configure such a system. With the proper setup of the configuration of VPS, firewall installation and other security measures in place, VPS can become unbeatable fortess. Compared to shared hosting security, where the hosting company selects security rules and applies it to all 1000 websites on the server. If one of those servers are hacked, then the other 999 are also hacked. Having VPS hosting is a big asset for a website. It promotes security, speed and predictability. You can scale your hosting if your website has siginificant traffic change very easily.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

The term dedicated hosting implies that one server is dedicated to a single website. Nothing is being shared with anyone, all the resources could be used and accessed in the fastest and the most secure way available. There are two subtypes of dedicated hostings. First one is Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting. Here the server provider gives minimum support and most of the server functionality problems are on the website owner. The second subcategory is Managed Dedicated Hosting. In this case service provider is handling a lot more maintenance, troubleshooting, updates, recoveries, transfers and other services. As with VPS hosting Dedicated servers are configured to withstand hacker attacks. In this case there is not a single chance of getting a problem from other shared websites. Nothing is shared, all the server resources are under your website’s reach. You will still need to do regular backups and keep in a separate secure storage. Website backups contain crutial website info. The only better present for a hacker whould be your passwords. Never save your backups on the server. Also backups need to be done before making changes to a working version.

Our experts at DevelTon offer any type of server development services. Our advice would be to transfer to a VPS hosting if you are on a shared hosting service. Our specialists will make the transfer process easy and worth a while. Your investment would give momentary results when you see returning customers to your website. Contact us to discuss your next project.